Top Ten Reasons to Work in a Pawnshop

America's Super Pawn

1. Say Goodbye to Monotony in your Day

While conventional retail employees experience the same type of sales interactions every day, pawnshop employees learn to expect the unexpected. They interact with customers seeking a variety of services and negotiate deals for a limitless variety of merchandise. Pawnbrokers help customers secure loans, discard unwanted items, buy goods at steep discounts, and even cash checks. They handle transactions for the most basic, everyday items as well as the most expensive luxury goods on the market.

2. Grow Your Professional Knowledge Base

Pawnshop brokers learn to be expert money-lenders and on-the-spot appraisers. They learn to quickly research items and their current fair market values, and become experts at determining authenticity and condition. No other position can teach as much about buying, selling, negotiating, dealing with customers, tracking trends, evaluating the local marketplace, and predicting the economy’s ups and downs as pawnbroking.

3. Gain Essential Interpersonal Skills

Pawnbroking is the ultimate people business, exposing the employees to all personality types and all walks of life. Pawnbrokers learn how to read body language and effectively communicate with a diverse group of people, interpersonal skills that serve them in everyday life and in all future work environments.

4. Expand your Understanding of Consumer Products

Think of the modern day pawnshop as a real-life eBay, a marketplace where customers can buy or sell anything from Rolex watches to power tools. Pawnbrokers learn to quickly appraise this wide range of goods and well versed in determining authenticity, condition, and value in the current market. No other sales position exposes employees to such a variety of consumer products.

5. Learn to Manage your Finances

Because pawnbrokers often lend money during their customers’ tight financial times, they learn to master budgeting in their own lives. Helping customers gain quick access to extra cash to make the monthly rent payment, finance a funeral expense, or pay a large hospital bill gives them valuable perspective on managing money and living within a personal budget.

6. Master the Art of Negotiation

Negotiation skills are invaluable and essential to a successful personal and professional life. The pawnbroking industry hones these skills, while emphasizing the value of personal connection and trust. Employees learn to aspire high, while keeping a realistic bottom line in mind. The reward is repeat clientele, as customers leave the shop feeling good about the final price and the way they got there.

7. Choose a Specialty of your Choice

Pawnshop employees have the unique opportunity to become merchandise experts in a field of their choosing. Whether passionate about jewelry, instruments, art, antiques, vintage watches, electronics, or any other field, pawnbroking allows you to hone your knowledge base in that area, becoming specialized sought-after experts.

8. Earn a Higher Salary than Retail Store Employees

Because their positions involve more than sales, pawnshop employees are typically paid a higher wage than conventional retail employees. They are also able to advance in their careers much more quickly. It’s not unusual for entry-level pawnshop employees to become merchandise specialists, store managers, appraisers, and even IT specialists.

9. A College Degree is not Required

Pawnbroking offers an excellent opportunity for both college and high school graduates. Although many pawnshop employees hold college degrees, a college education is not required for their careers. In fact, the majority of the knowledge and expertise a successful pawnbroker requires cannot be taught in the classroom.

10. Enjoy Job Security

Pawnbroking is a recession-proof business that thrives even during economic downturns. In fact, in its 3000 years of history the pawnbroking industry has never had to scale back operations or lay off employees due to economics. The majority of pawnshops are multi-generational, family-run business where employees are treated like members of the family.

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