client testimonialsOur customers appreciate our valuable services and help we can give them in the times they need it the most. This is what they say about us:

“Nice and friendly people work at America’s Super Pawn, they are always helping me and trying to get me the best deal”
–Joe,S., Bradenton

“I always pay my electric bill at America’s Super Pawn, it’s instant and free – beats check writing and spending money on postage”
– Juliana H., Oneco

“I always think of [America’s Super Pawn] them when I need cash and it’s still a week away to payday. Like in July my AC broke. It was Saturday and hot! I ran to them, got a loan, called the AC guy and – boom, the air is on again!”
– Bobby, G., Sarasota

“I like to buy all my tools there [at America’s Super Pawn] you get good stuff at great prices. The guys that work there are super nice and very helpful. ”
–Sam H., Bradenton

“I cash my paycheck here every week. I get off work at 5, banks are closed but they [America’s Super Pawn] are open.  It is the best deal in town, and I can pay my bills here too, so convenient!”
- Dave S., Bradenton 

“We were shopping for an engagement ring for me but in our price point there were these tiny stones in the mall. Then my fiancé suggested we go check out America’s Super Pawn. He cashes his paycheck there and said they had a big jewelry department. I was so happy – they had so many rings to choose from and pretty ones! And the lady at the counter was so friendly – she explained everything about every stone, how big it was, how clear, and then she sized the ring I chose right on the spot! I can tell you, your dollar goes really far here. “
– Jessica P., Bradenton.

“I like them [America’s Super Pawn], you can do a lot of different things in one place- cash checks, pay bills, put stuff on Lay-A-Way. Every time when it rains, and I’m not working I go to look for deals”
– Andreas D., Sarasota

“The guys in there they really make you feel at home, they know your name, and what you were looking for last time you were there, they held this really nice reel for me for two weeks”
- Mario C., Bradenton.

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