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For The Build It Yourselfer

asp diy blog thumbnailThese days too many people are found standing in their kitchen in front of a leaking sink, or a rattling air duct; with a tool in both hands and a confused look on their faces. They end up relying on other people to fix stuff around their own house and then find themselves stuck in sticky situations.

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Walk In With Your Gold, Walk Out With Something For Mom!

We have gold, we sell gold, we buy gold and we LOVE gold!

Gold is gold. Even when it’s broken, tangled, mismatched, mangled… all gold is worth money.

In its worst shape, gold can be melted down to retain its value and create new, beautiful pieces of jewelry. Clean out your jewelry boxes of outdated or broken gold jewelry, and you could end up with enough cash to buy something stunning and special for Mom!

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Fast Car, Fast Cash

Whether you want a new set of wheels, or got a new set of wheels and need to find a home for your old car- most people don’t realize that you can pawn a car! Do you have a nearly new car? Maybe you have a used car that will be better suited for parts? Pawn shops can be a great alternative over dealerships, used car lots or selling a car online with websites such as Craigslist and AutoTrader.

Additionally, pawn shops present a well-paid and attractive option for cars that aren’t functioningat their best and would otherwise be headed to thescrap yard. Similar to bringing in any other type of personal property; pawn shops can give you a loan or buy your car outright based on its value.

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Guide to Pawning

Guide to Pawning

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