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What is Considered Estate Jewelry?

Estate JewelryEstate jewelry is a category of pre-owned jewelry. This category of jewelry often includes rings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, lockets, hatpins, and timepieces. It is usually of high craftsmanship, unique, and often one of a kind. These pieces can be very valuable, and highly sought after. In short, the category of estate jewelry is reserved for very special pieces of pre-owned jewelry.

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Estate jewelry may also be antique jewelry, though it is not necessary for a piece to be antique to be considered an estate piece. Antique jewelry is often defined as those pieces that are over 100 years old. Not all antique jewelry is estate jewelry. Vintage is another separate, but overlapping category of jewelry.

When jewelry is appraised and determined to be estate quality, it will also be classified by an era. Each era has distinct characteristics.

Some time periods belong in multiple eras, with the jewelry being categorized by its style rather than age.

Georgian (1714-1837)
This jewelry is very rare, as most pieces have been lost or dismantled. Pieces are heavily inspired by nature.

Early Victorian (1837-1855)
Sometimes called “romantic jewelry”, pieces from this era are delicate and intricate. Lockets and brooches were popular items. Amethysts, pearls, and garnets were often used.

Mid-Victorian (1856-1880)
Jewelry from this period consists largely of mourning jewelry, with heavy, dark stones. Shells and mosaics were also featured in this period.

Late Victorian (1885-1900)
Diamonds, bright gemstones, and elaborate hat pins were all popular during this era.

Arts and Crafts (1894-1923)
This movement returned the focus of jewelry making to handcrafted items. Designs were often simple, using a variety of stones.

Art Nouveau (1895-1915)
Jewelry made in this era is considered “romantic”, with flowers and butterflies being popular designs.

Edwardian (1901-1915)
Expensive gems are marks of a piece of this era. Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds were incorporated into intricate designs.

Art Deco (1915-1935)
Art Deco estate jewelry is some of the most popular and valuable. Designs are geometric and abstract, using a variety of colors.

Retro (1945-1960)
Retro jewelry is Hollywood-inspired, using bright, bold, and colorful designs.

Contemporary (1960 onwards)
This jewelry is newer, not yet antique, and can have a variety of design inspirations.

Over time, properly cared for estate jewelry will increase in value. Many people love estate pieces because of the history they carry. Jewelry, both old and new, is one of America’s Super Pawns largest areas of product. Our selection is ever changing at each of our 3 locations and you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece!


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How to Get Fast Money to Pay Your Bills

Piggy BankThere are times when you just need money fast. Unexpected bills or other expenses can sneak up on you, and when you are still days away from payday, you need another solution.

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One way to get the funds you need is to pawn or sell your items at a pawn shop. If you are not familiar with pawn shops or the pawn process, you will find that it is a fast, friendly and easy way to get cash for your belongings so that you can pay your bills.

Most people have items laying around their house that they don't need or no longer use. Some examples include jewelry, electronics and musical instruments. If you have stuff that's just taking up space and collecting dust, why not sell it to a pawn shop?

Advantages Of A Pawn Shop
There are other ways to pay unexpected bills, unfortunately, some of them can leave you in debt. For example, using your credit card to pay bills or using a payday advance service. Instead of getting out of a financial bind, you may find yourself in a bigger one.

Pawning your extra items can give you extra needed cash now, without getting yourself further in debt. Not only that, but it is fast, easy and hassle-free.

If you have bills piling up and a garage or spare room full of items you don't use, put them in the car and drive down to America's Super Pawn today!

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Best Items to Pawn to Get the Most Money

MoneyIf you need quick money but don’t want a long delay, a pawn loan can be a great way to quickly get money in your pocket. You won’t have to worry about a credit check or filling out a stack of forms like you would at a bank or finance company.

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Loans are based on the value of your collateral, so the more valuable your item, the more money you can receive. Most loans are for 30 days, with a 30-day grace period. We offer extensions to give you more time, and you can also choose to turn over ownership of your item to satisfy your debt.

The following are some of the best items to pawn to get the most money:

High-end laptops and tablets
If your laptop doesn’t work or is more than a few years old, it probably won’t be worth anything. But if you have a high-end laptop or tablet in good working condition, we can probably give you a loan based on its value.

Current electronics and technology
From video game systems to TV’s and iPods, current electronics and technology are great items to pawn. As with other items, their condition affects their value, and the newer the item, the better. If you choose not to repay your loan, we’ll sell your item to satisfy your loan, so we have to loan money on items of value that we’ll be able to resell if needed.

Jewelry is our most popular item to take in for a loan. If you have gold jewelry, the loan amount may be based on the resale value of your item, or it may be based on the value of the gold if it were melted down. Either way, jewelry is always one of the best items to pawn to get the most money.

Stop by one of America’s Super Pawn’s three locations, and we’ll be happy to look at your items and tell you what we’ll be able to offer for a loan or outright purchase.


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Why America’s Super Pawn is the Best Option for a Quick Loan


Everyone has been hit by financial emergencies at some point. From unexpected car or home repairs to medical bills, these emergencies can strain your budget and leave you wondering how you’ll come up with the money fast enough. If you need a quick cash loan, America's Super Pawn is your best option. Here’s why:

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We offer loans on numerous types of items
We take a wide variety of items as collateral, so chances are, you have one or more items that you could use for a cash loan. Just a few of the popular items to use for loans include:

•Jewelry (broken or not)
•Musical instruments
•Gold & Silver coins
•Estate Jewelry

The process is quick and easy
You won’t have to fill out a pile of paperwork, pass a credit check, and then wait for approval to get a cash loan. All you need to do is bring in your item, and tell us how much you’d like to borrow. Our appraisers will determine the item’s value and discuss your loan options with you. It usually takes less than 10 minutes to get cash and complete the transaction.

You just need to show a valid, government-issued photo ID, sign a few documents, and leave with money in your pocket. Our goal is to get you the most money possible, and we’ll usually lend more cash on goods than any other pawn store in the area. Bring in multiple items – there’s no limit on the number of loans you can have.

We’ll extend your loan if needed
We’ll work with you if you’d like to keep your item rather than surrendering it for the balance of the loan. We’ll send you text notifications to let you know when your payback date is close, and if you’re unable to pay the loan in full, you can always get a renewal/extension. You’ll pay the accrued interested, and a new due date is set. The loan and interest amounts stay the same. You can extend the length of your loan as many times as you need.

You can always surrender your item to pay for the remainder of your loan, but if you’d like to keep your merchandise, we’ll work with you any way we can.

Contact America’s Super Pawn to see how we can help you get a loan and get cash in your pocket today. If you’d like, fill out an online form to get started, or just stop by one of our three locations!

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How Does a Pawn Shop Loan Work?


It happens to everyone; an emergency or an unexpected expense. So you gather some item that holds retail value and you head to your local pawn shop. You exchange that item for quick cash. But should the item also hold sentimental value, most pawn shops can still help you. Going to a pawn shop does not have to mean saying goodbye to your valuables.

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Beyond the simple standard exchange of an item for money, most pawn shops offer a loan system. The pawn shop will take your collateral (the item that you bring in) for an exchange of money based on their appraisal. The appraiser will also discuss the conditions of the loan, advising on both the interest rate and the options you have for repaying the loan. Once the terms are agreed upon, you will have to show your ID as well as sign a loan agreement. Once everything is completed you will be given your cash immediately.

Paying off your loan
So you have your pawn shop loan. The amount and interest has been agreed upon and your collateral was given to the pawn shop. The item is still yours as long as you are able to follow the agreement. A pawn shop will only place the item on the floor should you fail to follow the terms of your agreement. With that being said, if you do not have the total payment owed by the end of the time period, most pawn shops will allow you to roll over your loan for another thirty days, as long as you are able to pay the interest. If this is the route you take it may be a good idea to pay the interest to catch up with payments to ensure you’re not falling behind your payments.

Also keep in mind that most pawn shops will prorate your loan after 60 days, considering you’ve already made payments for 2 months. It is only after a set amount of time (which will be in the agreement) that you will be required to pay the entire interest. A pawn shop will never refuse your money should you happen to pay off the balance early. Once the balance is completely paid down, the pawn shop will have you sign additional forms. The item will be given back to you so that it can be returned to its rightful place in your home.

If you are looking to get a loan from a pawn shop, stop by America's Super Pawn at any of our 3 locations or contact us!


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What to Expect When Buying Items at a Pawn Shop


Pawn shops are an awesome alternative to expensive malls, and you won't have to worry about shipping and handling costs associated with buying items online. Here's a quick rundown to help you understand what to expect when buying items at a pawn shop:

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•Do Your Research. If you're just perusing the available items, you might not actually be in the market to buy anything at all, but if you're planning on making a purchase, do your homework before you hit the stores. Know how much new items go for and check out reviews so you can see what normal wear and tear will do to that kind of item.

•Functionality. Electronics and items that have a power source will have been checked to make sure they work when they were purchased by the pawn shop, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check, too. A reputable pawn shop will be happy to plug in your potential purchase and let you poke around to ensure that it's functionality is up to par.

•Fine Print. The terms of sales likely vary from company to company. One company might even have different policies for different goods. Look for guarantees of authenticity, return policies (or "all sales are final" policies, as the case may be).

•Negotiation. Everything in the store is going to have a price tag, and the shop will be more than happy to sell you the items at the price listed. That said, there may be a little wiggle room if you're up for negotiation. Paying with cash can help you increase your chances of making a convincing argument for a lower price on the items that interest you.

•Fine Tuning. If you're in the market for an instrument, a pawn shop is an excellent place to look. You will find deeply discounted options that music stores just won't be able to offer. Even if the instrument is in pristine shape, you're probably still going to need to have it tuned so it plays optimally. Just because the sound is off or the strings need a little help, it doesn't mean you should pass on the purchase!

The inventory at America's Super Pawn is changing every day. If you're looking for something in particular, shoot us a line, and let us see if we can help you out or browse our showroom floors Monday through Saturday!


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The Process of Pawning Items at a Pawn Shop

pawn shopThe process of pawning items at a pawn shop is fairly straight-forward, but it always helps to have a few helpful hints so you know what to expect.

Here's a quick guide to help you understand what will happen when you take your items to a broker to secure a loan with your collateral:

Selling or Pawning.
When you get to the counter, the first question you're likely to hear is, "Are you selling or pawning?" This can be a confusing question if you didn't realize there were options. The store employees aren't trying to confuse you; they're just trying to determine your intention with your items. You can learn the difference between selling and pawning here.

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Assessing Value.
The pawn shop professional will take a look at your items and determine value. You should expect any items that have a power button to be tested to determine how well they work (if at all). Most of the time, the staff will be able to make valuations pretty easily, as standard household items and jewelry are items that they see all the time. If you're bringing in super unique items or rare antiques, there might be a little more time involved, as more research will be necessary to determine proper pricing.

Provide Proof.
You'll want to have as much evidence as possible on hand to prove the worth of your items. You can substantiate the value of many items by providing well-researched prices that you find for similar items online. Keep in mind that those are the retail prices, however, and you'll receive less for your secured loan.

Contract Terms.
Once you've agreed upon a price, the pawn shop will write up the terms of your agreement. Florida's Pawnbroking Act gives you up to sixty days from the date of your pawn to make a full payment of principal, interest, taxes, and fees so you can retrieve your items. The contract should clearly define all applicable terms and conditions so no surprises come down the pipeline. Make sure you read the agreement and understand how the terms affect your pawn.

Still need some clarification? Check out our frequently asked questions, and contact our America's Super Pawn team if you still have questions!

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What to Expect When Selling Items at a Pawn Shop



If you have anything lying around the house that you're just not using, you might want to consider selling it to a pawn shop. For items that are gently used and in great shape, this option can give you some quick cash and clear away some space in your closet.

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Here's a quick guide to help you understand what you should expect when you're selling items at a pawn shop:

  • Realistic Pricing. In a perfect world, you'll have done your due diligence before heading to the shops to see what you can get for your items. In doing so, you should have figured out a general idea about the amount of money your items are going for in the marketplace. It's important that you remember that pawn shops are businesses, and they need to make money. Be realistic about your expectations when it comes to the amount of cash you expect to receive. Negotiations are always an option, but steer clear of intentionally asking for excessive prices.

  • Condition & Presentation. If your items have scratches and dents, it doesn't mean you can't sell them at a pawn shop, but you should remember that flaws will impact the value of the item. The more pristine the condition, the more likely the store will be to make you an offer. Be mindful that items that are supposed to perform a function, such as electronics, will be turned on and tested.

  • Supply & Demand. A pawn shop's inventory changes daily with the ebb and flow of items coming and going all the time. Because of this, even your most valuable items may not be necessary at the particular time. Jewelry is usually a hot item, along with newer electronics like televisions, cameras, and computers.

Do you have any high-quality items that you would like to unload? Send a list of your items to our team at America's Super Pawn, and let us see how we can get some cash coming your way!

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5 Things to Know When Pawning for the First Time


If things are a little tight on the financial side of things, pawning some of your stuff can be a great way to get some quick cash. Before you go bouncing off to your local pawn shop, check out this list to make sure you're well prepared for your first transaction.

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Value vs. Worth.
Bear in mind that a pawn shop is a business, and like any other business, it needs to make a profit. Although your item may be worth a certain amount of money, the value that you're going to be able to obtain from the store will be less. Do your research and know how much your item is selling for online and in other stores, then set your expectations to less than that so you don't get sticker shock when the number you hear is less than the amount you've seen on shelves. As a guide, expecting about half of the item's worth is a decent rule of thumb to get you in a ballpark range.

Additional Dollars.
Back to the idea of profits, you're not going to be able to retrieve your item for the same amount of money that you were paid for it. There are extra costs, such as taxes and interest, that will be tacked on to your initial principal. In Florida, pawn brokers are permitted to charge up to 25% per month for interest and service fees.

Defaulting on Payments.
The duration of your loan is something that you and the store will mutually agree upon. In Florida, you'll have up to sixty days to make payment in full, including principle, interest, and other fees, in order to retrieve your item. When you default on a payment, the shop becomes the owner of the item, which means it can sell your stuff at will.

Contract Terms.
Make sure you get everything in writing, and ask as many questions as necessary to make sure you understand your contract. Pay attention to the fees and due date in particular.

If you will not be able to pay off your loan by the due date, extensions are often a good option. Brokers are not required to grant extensions in Florida, however, asking about the extension policy up front is a good idea.

If you're looking for a pawn shop in Sarasota and Bradenton that you can truly trust, contact us or stop by and see us at America's Super Pawn at any of our 3 locations!

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What is the Difference Between Pawning and Selling?

pawn or sellPawn shops offer a great way for you to get money quickly for items you have at home. You may not have realized that pawn shops offer options. You can sell your items or you can pawn them. So, what's the difference?

In general terms, selling is exactly as it sounds. In this scenario, you're exchanging an item that you own for money from the pawn shop. In doing so, you're giving up your rights to the item, and the pawn shop can do with it as it pleases once you've been paid an agreed-upon amount of money. Of course, the usual result is that your item will be sold by the pawn shop to another consumer.

On the other hand, pawning is a process whereby you're essentially getting a secured loan. You give the store an item that you own in exchange for an agreed upon monetary amount. The expectation in this case, however, is that you'll come back to retrieve your item on or before a specified date. Generally speaking, you'll pay a certain amount of interest to the store as a fee for the item's safekeeping. In the event that you don't return to retrieve your item and pay off your loan by the defined date, ownership of your item automatically transfers to the store, and your item will likely be put on the shelves for sale to the public.

Here are a few key terms to help you understand the differences:

        • Ownership. If you're selling your item, you lose ownership the moment money exchanges hands. To regain ownership, you'll need to actually purchase the item. If you're pawning your stuff, the pawn shop is essentially holding your item from you for a set duration. In this case, you maintain ownership until and unless you default on payment or don't return for it in time.

     • Interest. In a sale, there is no interest. You receive payment from the store at the time of the transaction, and that is the end of the relationship. When you're pawning an item, your relationship is much longer, tied by the extra money you must pay in addition to the initial loan.

     • Value. The value in a sale is often higher than the pawning option.

Do you have more questions about the differences between pawning and selling? "Like" our America's Super Pawn Facebook page, and get in on the conversation!

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Why You Should Purchase Instruments and Car Audio from a Pawn Shop

guitarsIt's no secret that buying new instruments can be an expensive proposition. If you want quality, you'll usually have to pay quite a bit extra for it. Whether you're buying a guitar, drums, drum cymbals or any other accessories, you probably expect to have to shell out a decent amount of money in order to buy anything worth holding on to. There's good news though and something that many musicians don't consider when trying to decide where to buy new gear. Instead of going to a specialty shop and paying a hefty premium, consider going to a pawn shop where many people sell their old, lightly used instruments. When you're trying to decide where to go, come check out the large selection of instruments that America's Super Pawn has to offer!

If you’re looking for something to play music, rather than you doing the playing, we also have a large selection of both used and new car audio supplies. We often have a large section of head units, speakers, amps, subs and accessories. Again, you have a great opportunity to pick up on quality, checked merchandise at a fantastic price! We make sure that what we buy is quality and in good selling condition, so you can count on your merchandise to deliver.

No matter what you need, you can find all kinds of great deals on used and new merchandise at America's Super Pawn. It's a fantastic way for you to save money and scoop up on a fantastic deal at the same time!

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Selling Your Electronics: Why Sooner is Better

electronicsIf you are like most people, it's likely you have a pile of electronics laying around your house. It's also likely that most of these electronics are still in really good shape, and were simply discarded when something newer with more features was released to the public. What you probably didn't know is that all of those old discarded electronics can be used more for than just collecting dust, you can sell them for cash!

What you shouldn't do is let your old electronic devices sit around your house any longer. The sooner you bring them in, the more money you stand to make because like most cars, the value of electronics decrease as time goes on. The demand for the item will be greater the newer it is.

The longer you hold onto the electronic devices you no longer use, the greater the odds are that parts can also become lost and when items are missing things like buttons, power cords, and other accessories, the item will not be worth as much.

Keep in mind that the newer the item, the higher the demand for it will be. The best time to pawn your electronics is as soon as you realize you no longer have a need for it. The demand for lightly used electronic devices is at its highest right after the newest version has been released.

The great thing about deciding to sell your used electronic devices is that not only will you have a less cluttered living space, you'll also have some extra cash in your pocket!

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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

aquamarineAquamarine, March’s birthstone, is a beautiful gem that’s perfect in just about any setting. Its name is derived from “aqua,” meaning water, and “marine,” meaning sea, and it’s a perfection description of this vibrant stone that’s reminiscent of the ocean. Legend even says that aquamarine can be found in a mermaid’s treasure chest and is capable of keeping sailors safe at sea.

Perfect for celebrating March birthdays and new mothers
March’s zodiac sign is Pisces, represented by a fish, so aquamarine is the ideal stone for people with March birthdays. In addition, it’s often traditionally given to new mothers. Stop by American Super Pawn to see what we have for that special person in your life who was born in March or who’s a new mom.

This gem has been around since before the Roman Empire, and it’s symbolic of safety and security. Myth even says it can rekindle love in a marriage!

The aquamarine birthstone is a member of the beryl family of gems, which makes it closely related to the emerald. Aquamarines are mined in countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, and the U.S.

Durable, yet beautiful
Rough aquamarines are easy to cut, so they’re able to be fashioned into creative cuts and shapes. Aquamarine stones are ideal in rings, bracelets, pins, necklaces, and more. They’re known for being durable and resistant to scratches, so they’re not only beautiful but also durable.

Aquamarines range in color from an elegant icy blue to an intense blue to a light bluish-green. Generally, intense blue stones are more expensive than lighter ones. They’re known for having very few imperfections, which is rare among gems.

These beautiful gems will go well with almost any skin tone and in virtually any setting. Stop by America's Super Pawn to see what aquamarines we have to offer or if you have one you’d like to sell or pawn.

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Why You Should Buy Your Engagement Ring from a Pawn Shop

ringYou finally found her, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Before you “pop the question,” there's the small matter of finding the perfect engagement ring. Before shopping at a traditional jewelry store, try shopping for an engagement ring at a pawn shop. Here are four reasons why you should buy an engagement ring at a pawn shop.

A Ring as Unique as She Is
You are much more likely to find an antique or vintage ring at a pawn shop than at a jewelry store. If you and your sweetie both love nostalgia or collecting antiques, then a pawn shop is the only place you will find that rare, vintage creation. With patience and diligence, you can find something that will thrill her senses and be as one-of-a-kind as she is.

A Great Honeymoon
Buying a previously enjoyed engagement ring is a great way to get a huge value. Purchasing a ring from a reputable pawn shop allows you to wow her and still do everything you want on your honeymoon. Purchasing a ring at a pawn shop empowers you to have more money for the rest of the aspects of wedding planning.

Solid Reasoning
An engagement ring should be a representation of your commitment to your future wife and your life together. You want something that will amaze her and show her how much you love her. If you find a ring at a pawn shop that makes you think of her beautiful smile and imagine what it will be like fifty years from now, buy it.

Final Touches
After you have found the perfect engagement ring, take some time to dress it up and make it as beautiful as she is. Have the ring professionally cleaned and place it in a beautiful box. Buying an engagement ring from a pawn shop does not make it second rate. It just means that you know your girlfriend well enough to know what she wants, no matter where it comes from. Now, all that’s left is to practice your line, “Will you marry me?”

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4 Things to Know When Pawning Jewelry

jewelryPawnshops are a quick, convenient way to convert the jewelry you no longer want into cash. They can also be a great way to pick up some nice pieces at low prices. When you want to buy and sell jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose the Right Pawn Shop
You're going to be happiest with the entire process of buying and selling jewelry when you work with a pawnshop that does an extensive trade in the jewelry business. America’s Super Pawn specializes in jewelry and can confidently offer you the best prices. As a buyer and seller, you'll be happiest with the selection you find here and the knowledge that the ASP team can offer you.

Get an Appraisal
Not sure how much you should be receiving for your jewelry? Having it appraised is your best bet to know. America’s Super Pawn has trained experts that can evaluate your jewelry, offering the best price possible.

Clean Up Your Jewelry
Before taking your jewelry to a pawnshop, invest in the time and effort to clean and buff your pieces. A clean, sparkling piece of jewelry can help you receive the best possible offer, as it appeals more to the buyer and shows that it’s been cared for.

Be Prepared to Haggle
A good rule of thumb when it comes to selling your jewelry at a pawnshop is that you should expect to get a certain percentage of it's value by haggling. To receive the best price, know the items real value and be prepared to haggle!

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Pawn Shop vs Thrift Shop

pawningWhen you are short on cash or have items that you no longer need, an easy way to sell or dispose of them is to go to choose to go to either a pawn shop or a thrift shop. There are pros and cons to choosing one or the other based on the type of items you have and whether you need money as a result of the exchange.

Fast Cash
If you need cash fast, then pawn shops are your best option because there is no waiting period to receive payment for your items. You would bring your item to a shop and the pawnbroker would determine its worth and make you an offer where the item would act as collateral for a short-term loan. The length of the loan and payoff terms would also be determined.

By paying off the loan in the time allotted, you may regain possession of your item. If you choose not to repay your loan, the pawnbroker is free to resell your item to recoup their money.

However, items that are brought to a thrift shop are usually considered charitable donations and you will not receive cash for them. Instead, you would receive a receipt for the value of your items that you could use later on to claim as a deduction on your income taxes.

Type of Items
While you can find a variety of items at pawn shops and thrift shops, a pawn shop is more likely to deal in higher-end items in very good condition at a reasonable price, including:
• Electronics
• Fine jewelry
• Musical Instruments

Many of the items sold at a thrift store may be household items or clothing sold at budget prices. The quality of items available at a thrift shop often varies more than those at a pawn shop. Items that can often be found at a thrift store include:
• Furniture
• Dishes
• Small appliances

For most, the choice between using a pawn shop or a thrift store is based on their financial need and often boils down to whether you want money right away or would prefer a tax deduction later on.

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February Birthstone: Amethyst

amethyst ringLove is definitely in the air during February. You want to discover fascinating and sentimental gifts at affordable prices. That's why you need to stop by America's Super Pawn for Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and all those other special holidays in-between. Honestly, what could be more sentimental than presenting a loved one with a unique present featuring their very own birthstone?

What is the February Birthstone?

Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a mineral -- a part of the quartz family. It appears in transparent light to darker shades of purple, although the darkest shades are worth more. (In fact, royalty has treasured darker colors of amethyst throughout history.) Amethyst is usually found naturally in Brazil and Zambia.

The History of Amethyst's Meaning or Powers

Amethyst honors the Greek Goddess of the Hunt (and Childbirth), Artemis. Legends through the ages have boasted that amethyst could be worn to:
guard against drunkenness and seduction
provide calm and peace
bring emotional security and inner strength
help hunters capture animals
heal withdrawal symptoms from addictions
protect travelers
control evil thoughts
help business owners with shrewd financial decisions

Amethyst Gifts

Amethyst is most often featured in jewelry. If your special someone has a February birthday, check out our selection of items that feature the February birthstone. (And, don't forget that it's the gem for these wedding anniversaries: 4th, 6th, and 17th.) You may find:
• earrings
• rings
• necklaces or pendants
• brooches or pins
• bracelets
• keepsakes or home decor
Since amethyst is a gemstone fit for royalty, you can't go wrong buying it. So, bestow a precious gift of amethyst on your February-born treasured someone this year!

Do you happen to have any of items featuring amethyst? Stop in to talk to us about selling or pawning your items today.

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What to Look for When Buying or Selling Gold

sell goldConsidering how tumultuous the stock market and other investment opportunities can be, it really isn't a surprise that so many people have decided to take their hard earned money and use it to buy and sell gold. Not only is the value of gold steady, most people take comfort in purchasing something they can actually see and touch, something that isn't possible to do when investing in stocks.

When you decide to buy and sell gold, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Decide Where to Sell and Purchase your Gold
The best places to buy and sell gold differ depending on what end of the spectrum you're on. If you're buying, pawn shops are a great choice. At any given time, pawn shops usually have some gold coins or gold jewelry available. What makes pawn shop gold so inviting is the price tag. It's not unusual to find gold for 40-80% of it's actual value.

If you're selling gold, a pawnshop is often your best bet. You can also try online auction sites, jewelers, or gold brokers.

Get it Authenticated
Whether you’re in the process of buying or selling gold, you should be aware of the importance of having it authenticated. Knowing what you're buying and selling is important and being familiar with the current market price is a good idea. It could also be in every body’s best interest to have an impartial third party determine the exact value and authenticity of the gold.

Know the Market
While it's true that the market value of gold doesn't fluctuate as much as the stock market, it's also important to remember that it's not a stagnant market. If you plan on seriously investing in gold, check the market on a regular basis. This will give you a good indication of when the best time to buy and sell gold is.

The trick to successfully investing in gold is learning the ins and outs of the market, starting out with small purchases and sales and learn as you go.

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How Does Pawning Work?

pawnDo you have a few items you no longer need and would like to make some extra cash? Maybe you'd rather have some nest egg money instead of that antique clock or perhaps those old golf clubs are just taking up space in the closet. If you need a little money, it is important to know exactly what it means to pawn something and what you should expect.

Should I Pawn or Sell?
Depending on the type of item you are looking to exchange for money, you may wish to pawn the item or simply sell it altogether. Pawning an item is similar to taking out a bank loan, except the amount of money you receive is commiserate upon the retail value of the item you are pawning. After pawning an item, you will typically have up to 30 days to buy the item back at slight interest. If you would like to put a family heirloom up for pawning, the item can be held for a short time until you can come up with the cash to get it back. For other items, selling may be the best option.

Can I Buy My Item Back?
Yes, you can buy your item back, but it must be done within a time frame both you and the pawnbroker agreed upon. You will be expected to buy the item at same price it was sold along with any additional interest that may have been accrued.

Does Defaulting a Pawn Loan Hurt My Credit Score?
Unlike banks, if you fail to come up with the cash to buy an item back that you have pawned, it will not negatively affect your credit score. Since this type of loan is secured with collateral, such as a wrist watch or a piece of jewelry, the loan is already paid in full at the moment of pawning. Defaulting on this arrangement simply means you cannot afford the original pawning price plus interest and the item is then free to be sold to others.

For those in need of some quick cash, pawning may be an excellent alternative of taking out a bank loan.

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January Birthstone: Garnet

garnetIf you're looking for a special gift with personal sentiment, consider a beautiful piece of jewelry in a January birthstone. As the new year begins, it's the perfect way to celebrate a January birthday with someone special.

Garnet, the birthstone of January, is a deep red Bohemian Garnet that embraces the symbol of love and affection. Although most garnet stones are quickly recognized by their gorgeous red hue, they are actually mined in a rainbow of beautiful colors. African Tsavorite and Russian Dermantoid stones are found in rich, vibrant shades of green. Namibian mines unearth Hessonite and Spessartite Garnet stones in deep shades of brown and fiery shades of orange. Garnet stones from Sri Lanka, known as Rhodolite or Rhododendron, are found in soft, subtle shades of pinks and purples.

At America's Super Pawn, you can find beautiful Garnet birthstone jewelry such as rings, pendants, earrings and more for that special someone on your list. Each garnet stone has unique characteristic that give it special beauty and significance.

Tsavorite Garnet· Tsavorite Garnet: Mined in the East-African bushland between Kenya and Tanzaniz, African tsavorite is a vivid green jewel color that reflects a lot of light. The natural transparency of the stone gives it an almost iridescent glow.

Demantoid Garnet· Demantoid Garnet:As one of the rarest and most expensive garnets, demantoid garnet is considered one of the most brilliant gemstones that exists today. Its glowing bright green color has subtle yellow undertones that give it unique beauty.

Hessonite Garnet· Hessonite Garnet: Known for its rich colors that range from a honey-yellow to a brown-red cinnamon, hessonite garnet makes a stunning piece of jewelry, especially when surrounded by diamonds or cubic zirconium stones that provide beautiful contrast and light.

Spessartite Garnet· Spessartite Garnet: Found in bold shades of yellow-orange and red-orange to brilliant fiery shades of true orange, spessartite garnet is gorgeous. Always natural and never enhanced, these bold colored garnet stones make eye-catching birthstone jewelry pieces.

Rhododendron Garnet· Rhododendron Garnet: Rhodolite is the gemstone name that reflects garnet with lovely pink and purple hues. This rare garnet, a stunning raspberry color with purple or pink undertones, is a birthstone with feminine appeal that any woman would love.

Make this January memorable with a beautiful garnet birthstone that will have a timeless appeal!

get cash today pawn show sarasota
get cash today pawn show sarasota

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